Temperature Mapping Study

///Temperature Mapping Study

Temperature mapping study also called T-mapping is carried out for various assets used for transportation and storage of temperature sensitive products which consist of capsules, vaccines, body cells and tissues, food items and so on.

We, at Vacker Kuwait, carry out humidity and temperature mapping studies in regions or areas like Hawalli, Al Ahmadi, Sabah as Salim, Al Farwaniyah, As Salimiyah, Al Fahahil, etc.

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What is temperature mapping study?

This study is analysis of a closed environment that is maintained underneath controlled temperature situations the usage of cooling or heating device. The idea is to find out that the temperature is uniformly disbursed in the environment as consistent with the specified necessities.

How is temperature mapping carried out?

Cold Room Temperature mapping Study - Vacker Kuwait

The essential idea is to accumulate temperature data constantly over a time frame to examine and discover the consequences. In order to do this, temperature information loggers are required to record the records. The data loggers are placed across the entire location in a systematic sample to record the statistics over a delegated length underneath numerous operational situations. After the required time, the records is downloaded and analysed.

The evaluation is achieved underneath unique climatic conditions to investigate the behaviour in excellent climatic situations.

Which are the assets requiring temperature mapping study?

Temperature distribution study graph - Vacker Kuwait

Normally a mapping study and analysis is carried out for Vans, Vehicles, Reefers, Cold Rooms, Fridge, Freezer, Ware homes, Boxes and so forth. Which may be used for transportation and storage of drug remedies, vaccines, blood, tissues and so on.

Also this test is carried out for controlled hot conditions such as autoclave, furnace and so on. To make sure uniformity of the temperature.

What are the everyday consequences?

Truck temperature distribution - Vacker Kuwait

The enormous consequences of study are as beneath:

  • Hot and cold factors which is probably the most updated and coldest elements inside the region
  • Temperature distribution graphs
  • Behaviour of the location within the occasion of a energy failure
  • Behaviour of the area at the same time as a door is opened
  • Risk assessment of the asset
  • Locations for putting non-forestall monitoring gadgets (if relevant)

What is Temperature and Humidity Mapping study?

Warehouse temperature and humidity mapping study - Vacker Kuwait

All the procedures and analysis of Temperature and Humidity Mapping study are exactly similar to temperature mapping study. However in this case data for temperature and humidity ought to be amassed all through the entire duration and analyzed. During a mapping study, the ambient facts is also accumulated to investigate the outcomes close to the change in climatic conditions.

How do you apprehend whether or not humidity moreover to be mapped?

Reefer Truck Thermal Mapping Study - Vacker Kuwait

Check the products being stored via you. Check with the preferred storage conditions defined with the useful resource of the producer of those items. If the manufacturer described that the products have to be stored below exceptional humidity level, you then definitely certainly should consider for temperature and humidity mapping study. If the manufacturer is specifying only the temperature, then humidity also can no to be of importance. Please be conscious that temperature and humidity may be analysed together and in case of doubt, you can ideally bypass for every temperature & humidity.

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